It’s Time to Try CalendarRules!

With more than 1500 firms calculating over 9,000,000 deadlines per year in 20 different calendar products, isn’t it about time you checked it out?

Reasons to Subscribe to or Partner with CalendarRules

We deliver court rules relevant to many areas of law, from courts and agencies across the United States, to thousands of firms generating over 750,000 deadlines per month.

We offer State, Federal, Bankruptcy, Appellate, Local, Judges and Agency rules from all 50 states, and the list is growing. If you can’t find what you need here on our Web site, please call or email us, we’ll build it.

We are the preferred rules provider for most of the leading Docket and Calendar systems, including, but not limited to: MA-3000 (ALM Media), BEC Legal Systems (Docket Enterprise), CourtAlert Case Management, and JuraLaw.

We are the preferred rules provider for many of the leading Case Management Systems, including, but not limited to, Advologix, CaseFlow, CasePeer, CityLaw, Clio, HoudiniEsq, LawBase, Litify, LSS, PracticeMaster (Tabs3), SimpleLaw, and Smart Advocate.

We are firm size agnostic. The rules apply equally to large and small firms, so although the software functionality and firm requirements may vary based on firm size, the rules themselves do not change based on firm size. (e.g., whether you are a solo or an AMLAW 50 firm, you still get 30 days to answer interrogatories). Therefore, we work equally well with firms of all sizes. Firms can pick the product that best meets their needs functionality wise, and we can provide the rules.