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We have been relying on the people at CalendarRules since 2005. In CalendarRules we have found the most reliable and robust court rules available….

—Katten Muchin Rosenman


Real-Time Rules™

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Easily find and update existing dates based on changed rules.

Rules Available Across the US

  • State/Local Rules
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  • Appellate Rules
  • Bankruptcy Rules
  • IP Rules
  • Custom Rules

Welcome to CalendarRules

We are a team of lawyers, programmers and technology architects with one goal in mind: to get you the latest, most accurate court rules you need, when you need them.  Our mission is to build, maintain and deliver these rules to lawyers and law firms of any size, in real-time, integrated seamlessly into the calendar technologies you already use.

We deliver court rules relevant to many areas of law, from courts across the United States. We offer State, Federal, Bankruptcy, Appellate, Local, Judges and Agency rules from all 50 states, and the list is growing. If you can’t find what you need here on our Web site, please call or email us.

CalendarRules. Here to keep you not just in the court rules game – but ahead of it.


If you have a subscription with CalendarRules, you can access our free Date Calculator, Docket Calculator and Docket Research tools.  Learn about the CalendarRules Mobile tools here.