CalendarRules was formed in October 2007, via a spinoff from Open Text (who had acquired Hummingbird, who had acquired LegalKey, which is where we were).  At that time, we started with a few key customers, including Katten Muchin Rosenman (600 attorneys across US), Cozen O’Connor (700 attorneys across US), Miller Johnson (50 attorneys in Michigan), and two primary partners, American Lawyer Media (New York) and BEC Legal Systems (Ohio).  There were others, but these were the early adopters that helped us prove out the business and technology.
The plan was to build a court rules service, using modern web technologies, to deliver rules to any product that could consume web services.  Leveraging the latest technologies, we could focus our energy on building, updating and delivering rules related content in a faster and better way.  This way our partners could focus on building features and functions around docket and calendar more generally, including seamless rules integration, and we could focus on rules.
We now partner with over 20 different calendar/docket/case management systems and have thousands of active subscribers (@1,600+ firms) calculating over 750,000 deadlines per month..  We offer rules in all 50 states and have one of the most comprehensive libraries of rule sets available.