CalendarRules joins the Clio family!

A Note From Our Founder...

Today marks a major milestone for CalendarRules as we officially join Clio!

As the last year has transformed the legal industry, we have seen a greater need for you to be able to run your practice, stay on top of your deadlines, and deliver your services from anywhere. That is a complex problem to have but when you layer on navigating the intricate and nuanced court systems and procedures it becomes even more challenging.

Since founding CalenderRules in 2007, our focus has been on providing you with up-to-date and accurate court rules information, right in the calendaring software of your choice. Our goal of reducing legal malpractice risk and streamlining legal work is deeply aligned with Clio’s mission to transform the legal experience for all, and as a longtime integration partner of Clio, this is an exciting next step in our relationship. This acquisition only further enables us to improve the ways in which you can rely on our technology, and team, to help navigate the court systems and stay on top of important deadlines.  

As we move from partners to one team it deepens our ability to deliver the legal technology you need to run an efficient and seamless practice that operates in the best interests of your clients.

Joining Clio is a major leap forward, and I’m thrilled to join in their vision to deliver a suite of services that address the end-to-end client journey. As part of this transition, I am joining the Clio team as General Manager of CalendarRules. Stacy Saliman is also taking the role of Director of Client Services at CalendarRules under Clio, and our support team—the Rules Attorneys you’ve come to rely on—will remain at your service should you need them.I hope you’ll join me in celebrating this next step in our journey.

Scott Davis
Founder, CalendarRules