CalendarRules Expands Capabilities in Response to Customer and Business Partner Demand

CalendarRules, one of the few nationwide providers of court rules content for law firm subscribers across the U.S., today announced that the company has expanded its capabilities in response to customer and business partner demand. Additional capabilities include enhancements to its rules engine, the addition of several new specialty rule sets, and a mobile app for Android users.

“CalendarRules is a great partner. Its staff is continually monitoring the market and making updates and enhancements needed to keep up to date with the changing legal landscape,” stated Phil Homburger, president of LawBase, a CalendarRules partner.

As part of the enhancements, the company has added functionality for subscribers to pick and choose which rules-based events they want on the calendar and save those selections as default. For example, the rules may produce events a firm does not want, such as the last day to do something by fax. Some firms no longer care about the served by fax deadlines, so they can remove them, permanently. This streamlines the data entry process, and enables firms to customize the rules to meet their specific needs. In addition, a SmartAdjournment™ feature has been added, so that in the event that a trial date is adjourned or delayed, the software automatically knows – by default – which events to update and which to leave as is, saving the user time and reducing errors.

CalendarRules recently added several specialty rule sets, including asbestos rules in California; patent rules in Ohio, Nevada, Illinois and North Carolina; rules for the Navajo Nation in Arizona; and added additional federal local rules in Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico. CalendarRules now offers rules in all 50 states, plus Puerto Rico.

The company has also announced that the DocketLaw mobile app, originally built for Apple iOS devices, is now also available for Android devices, making the product more accessible for its users.

“We are continually working with our partners and listening to our clients about what they need to make CalendarRules work better for them,” stated Scott Davis, CEO, CalendarRules. “These latest changes and enhancements really showcase our commitment to the industry to ensure that we are bringing our clients the information they need to effectively and most accurately do their jobs.”

CalendarRules delivers court rules relevant to many areas of law, including state, federal, bankruptcy, appellate, local, judges and many agencies across the country.

About CalendarRules, LLC (, founded by lawyer G. Scott Davis in 2008, merges the latest Web and cloud computing technologies with court rules content from all over the United States to deliver court rules to calendars of all types. Nationally, thousands of lawyers rely and depend on for up-to-the-minute court rules, dates and deadline information. Rules are available for state, federal, local, bankruptcy and appellate courts. Contact for more information.