CalendarRules Announces Debut of CalendarRules For Outlook v2


San Francisco, CA, January 2012 – CalendarRules, one of the few nationwide providers of court rules content for law firm subscribers across the US, announced Version 2 their court rules add-in for Microsoft Outlook 2007 and 2010: CalendarRules For Outlook.

The new software is designed for small firms and solo practitioners that don’t need the capabilities of a fully-featured docketing or case management system, but rather want to use their existing Microsoft Outlook calendar, with court rules.  The CalendarRules For Outlook add-in makes it easy to create appointments or tasks – directly in Outlook – using the CalendarRules library of court rules available across the US.

Version 2 of the add-in, and a new web site to create and manage subscriptions, recently launched.  The Microsoft Outlook add-in is unique in that it offers small firms and solo practitioner’s access to the same library of rules as larger firms subscribe to through docketing systems, from within the Microsoft Outlook Calendar.  Additionally, when a firm is ready to transition to a case management or docketing system, the subscription is easily transferable to the growing list of Calendar Rules partners.

“There are literally thousands of lawyers and small firms that aren’t ready for a full-featured system, but that need court rules. We can address this need, and also provide a stepping stone with an easy transition to one of our partners when the firms are ready to move to a docketing or case management system,” said G. Scott Davis, Esq., Founder and CEO of CalendarRules.

No rules update downloads.  No manual software patching/updating. Just the deadlines and rules small firms and solo practitioners need, updated instantly, using CalendarRules’ existing web and cloud computing technologies, directly in Microsoft Outlook 2007 or 2010.

About CalendarRules, LLC (, founded by lawyer G. Scott Davis in 2008, merges the latest web and cloud computing technologies with court rules content from all over the United States to deliver court rules to calendars of all types. Nationally, thousands of lawyers rely and depend on for up-to-the-minute court rules, dates and deadline information. Rules are available for State, Federal, Local, Bankruptcy and Appellate Courts.  Contact for more information.  Visit to learn more about the Outlook add-in.